Artist Statement

My name is Cinnamon Denise. 

I treasure my name because in this industry it is what I will be recognized and respected for…at times it may be the only thing that I have…and hopefully when my life comes to an end, whenever that may be, the sound of my name will bring smiles to people’s faces and remind them of pleasant memories of me and my creations. 

First, as a human being, I desire to create music that changes lives in a positive way.  I hope to teach through my music that self-acceptance is the key to happiness and the pathway to peace.  This may not be necessarily in the messages of each individual song or collaboration that I make, but it will ALWAYS be my intention and motivation for creation.  This energy of positive and meaningful intentions will inevitably transfer into any project that I make or am involved with.  I desire this energy to be the catalyst for change. 

Second, all of the above, I want to learn for myself.  I am not a perfect woman.  I struggle with my religious beliefs, relationships, self-confidence, personal convictions and interaction with other humans.  However, I am dedicated to staying on my own personal journey and not trying to copy or steal someone else’s.  I am in love with my journey whether it is happy or sad…long or short…it is still my journey and that makes it unique.  If no one recognizes that, I will recognize it for myself…at all times.

Lastly, let’s be real.  I do want to make money.  Not so that I can have fancy things.  But so that I can eat, look nice, have health insurance, share with my friends and family, and give hope to individuals who have none.  I am not in it for the money but I damn sure am not doing this for my health.  This is my job, my career, my well-being.  It is quite different from being a different form of business professional because the integration of business and personal is inevitable.  Therefore, my business is personal, and my personal matters, become my business. 

I dedicate this life journey portfolio to the years past and to come that will be dedicated to the empowerment of myself, those around me, and even those who I will never come into contact with.  I dedicate this to the betterment of humanity and the spreading of love…yes, let’s love one another.